A Pixie is Born

A pixie is born – yes, this is how you feel when you watch the transformation from a wire skeleton to a ”living” pixie.  Look at the pictures below – and I am sure that you will agree.

pixieborn1 pixieborn2 pixieborn3 pixieborn4

It takes a lot of work to make an Anne Beate Nisse. And everything is handcraft – from the small handcasted zincshoes to the finely sewn apron and the assessories which the doll carries in the hand.  An Anne Beate Nisse is 11 cm tall . He or she stands steady on the small metalshoes. The body is flexible and can be flexed into all positions.  If you take an Anne Beate Nisse into your hands – you immediately feel the quality. You see the fiinely woven yarns, the exclusively formed details and the care which is layed into every doll.

To make an Anne Beate Nisse is a work that only very skilled person can do. Only after a long time of training a worker is allowed to make the whole proces.

Before an Anne Beate Nisse is leaving home it is very thoroughly controlled – all dolls are a litlle different from the other, all have their very own personality – but all dolls must meet with our very high quality standards.  We hope that you will love and take care of you personal Anne Beate Nisse.