Visit to Denmark

Inline President, Kathy Mortensen, recently visited the Anne Beate factory in the Danish countryside south of Copenhagen.  Kathy met with Anne Beate Design company owner, Mette Markes Jepsen.  As you can see from the pictures below, creating a Danish Nisser is more art than manufacturing.

visit1s Kathy and Mette, where the final handcrafting is done.
visit2s Mette with the basic skeleton and feet molded from zinc.
The accessories are hand drawn and sewn by Lilla, the lead artist for Anne Beate Designs.




Discussing the intricacies of the crafting process. visit4s
visit6s Lilla and Kathy with some finished Pixies.
visit8s Kathy in the shipping area.
visit9s Parting shot with Lilla, Kathy, and Mette.