Getting Started

Inline Promotions has been helping customers with branded and promotional items since 2005.  Many things have changed in those years most consequential, the internet.  Inline Promotions leverages the power of the internet by introducing online stores to help your organization streamline it’s product needs.

We will build a custom store for your organization with your products. When the store is ready, you simply share the store URL with your organization.  If there is a deadline to place orders, we can “turn off” the store on the designated date.

It’s a simple approach

  • We work with you to create the custom look for the products you are interested in.
  • We put the products on your online store and you announce the store to your organization.
  • Buyers go shopping.
  • Products are delivered to the organization


  • No need to create, distribute, and collect paper order forms – Buyers place orders at their convenience from their own computers.
  • No chasing down checks and cash from individuals – Money is collected up front in a consistent, accurate, and secure way.
  • No reconciling tons of individual order forms into a single order to a vendor – the online store keeps track of all the product variations that exist.

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